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10.03.2014 11:52 Alter: 5 yrs

GeoMap Workshop 2014

GeoMap Workshop
17.06.2014 - 20.06.2014 / Umweltstatistik

GeoMap, the first international Workshop on Practical Aspects of Geochemical Exploration and Mapping with Logratio Techniques, offers a practical forum of discussion for people concerned with the statistical treatment, modeling and interpolation of compositional data in geochemical applications, particularly focused on geochemical exploration and mapping. The workshop will mainly consist of a series of invited lectures on the problems of geochemical mapping, followed by discussions on each of the compositional topics raised. The goal of the workshop is to build teams to attach each of these specific topics and to provide enough time space for panel discussions.

GeoMap will touch a wide variety of problems and opportunities that the log-ratio approach to compositional data analysis brings to regional geochemistry contexts. Particularly, the main specific feature of the workshop will be discussions for concrete problem solving and team building. Complementarily, also contributions of participants from the fields of interest of the workshop are warmly welcome, specially if they portray unsolved problems. All participants should be preliminary familiar with the log-ratio approach to compositional data analysis (otherwise, an introductory or an intermediate course may be provided).


Contact: geomap2014@gmail.com

Website: geomap.data-analysis.at