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11.03.2014 15:00 Alter: 5 yrs

GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology

GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology

Whether you are a graduate student, PhD fellow working on her or his research, post-doc or a professional interested in survey methods, you will find our summer courses of high relevance to you. The GESIS Summer School is unique in Europe with its focus on Survey Methodology and data collection.

Quick Summary of the Summer School

Why Survey Methodology?

Surveys are the main method of systematic data collection in the Social Sciences. Surveys provide empirical data for researchers to analyze, and are an important source of information for business, charities and policy makers. There are numerous types of surveys suited for different purposes. Given the variety and complexity of survey research, designing and conducting a survey that effectively and efficiently serves a specific purpose requires specialized expertise and skill (as well as a good team).


The GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology offers high quality training in state of the art techniques and methods of survey research. It aims to:

  • give a broad overview of survey methods;
  • equip participants with essential skills in the design, planning, execution, documentation and quality assurance of surveys;
  • provide an opportunity to deeply engage with the different tasks of survey design and implementation (such as questionnaire design, sampling, nonresponse and fieldwork monitoring), different survey modes (such as personal interviews, web surveys, and mixed-mode), and research designs involving surveys (such as mixed methods, factorial surveys, longitudinal surveys and cross-national surveys);
  • provide participants with good networking opportunities, a supportive social environment, and an exciting time in Cologne.

Target audience

The summer school is designed for advanced graduate and PhD students, post-docs, junior researchers, as well as survey professionals from all relevant fields:

  • interested in improving their general knowledge and skills in survey methodology;
  • planning to run their own survey or working for a large-scale survey project;
  • desiring to update their methodological expertise in some specific area of survey methodology;
  • wishing to engage in methodological research;
  • wanting to know more about how the data they analyze came about and how to assess their quality.

Summer School prerequisites

In addition to the prerequisites mentioned on the web pages and in the syllabi of the courses, all Summer School participants are expected to meet the following general criteria: