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18.04.2016 14:21 Alter: 3 yrs

ÖSG-Vortrag zum Arbeitskreis Umweltstatistik

20.04.2016 um 10:00 Uhr in den Räumlichkeiten der TU Wien (1040 Wien, Karlsplatz 13, Seminarraum 8, Hauptgeb.

Is compositional data analysis (CoDA) the perspective to enhance our understanding of environmental processes?
20.04.2016 / Umweltstatistik

Prof. Antonella Buccianti (University of Florence)

Mittwoch, 20. April 2016, 10:00 Uhr
TU Wien, Seminarraum 8, Hauptgebaude, Stiege VII, Erdgeschoß
1040 Wien, Karlsplatz 13


Zum Inhalt:

Notwithstanding the numerous contributions that have been published on theoretical and practical aspects of the management of compositional (constrained) data during the last decades, in geochemistry and environmental sciences most of the scienti c papers in international journals continue to ignore their peculiar features.

However experience shows that Compositional Data Analysis (CoDA) could be the adequate perspective to investigate how environmental (geochemical) processes work. In fact, CoDA is able to consider the multivariate nature of compositional information and consequently to capture the fact that environmental processes (for example chemical reactions described by the equilibrium constants) cannot be described by single variables, separately. This is correct not only from the statistical perspective (the sample space nature) but also from a geochemical point of view. Notwithstanding these challenges, some laziness wraps our way of thinking and papers are full of traditional (closed) diagrams where patterns of points are interpreted as in the Euclidean space.

How can we modify this framework? How can we convince people that CoDA is not only the application of a log-ratio transformation but it is intrinsically related to the nature of the processes that we wish to describe? A tentative discussion on these items is proposed considering that. "It is through the renewal of science that the new sources of ideas and insights needed for genuine future progress will come, in the search for those deeper laws that actually govern the universe in which we live" (R. Penrose, The reality, 2004).


Zur Vortragenden:

Antonella Buccianti has achieved the degree in Geological Sciences with 110/110 cum laude in 1988, at the University of Florence. The PhD in Geochemistry was achieved in 1994, discussing the thesis with title: "The behaviour of volatile elements (F, Cl, S and C) in magmatic and volcanic processes". From November 2001 A.B. is researcher (staff position) at the University of Florence for the GEO/08 (Geochemistry and Volcanology) Italian research sector. In the previous years the research activity was sustained by CNR (National Research Council of Italy) and post-doctoral grants, as well as national and international research Since September 2015 she is Associate Professor (sta position) at the university of Florence.