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29.06.2015 12:26 Age: 4 yrs

ECAS course on Statistical Analysis of Network Data

Herrsching, Germany - September 28 until October 2, 2015

The European Courses in Advanced Statistics (ECAS) are intended to achieve postgraduate training in special areas of statistics for both researchers and teachers at universities. Professionals working in industry and interested in the application of new statistical method are also welcome. The participants are expected to have a good background in statistics at the PhD level although not necessarily oriented to the subject of the course. Young researchers especially from all European countries are encouraged to participate and to contribute to an international audience. 

The ECAS programme is supported by the Federation of European National Statistical Societies (FENStatS), which associates the statistical societies of nineteen European countries. 

ECAS has organized so far courses on Multivariate Analysis (Italy), Robustness (Germany), Design of Experiments (France), Categorical Data Analysis (The Netherlands), Longitudinal Data Analysis (UK), Times Series Analysis (Spain), Environmental Statistics (Sweden), Bayesian Statistics and Financial Econometrics (Switzerland), Data Mining and Explorative Multivariate Data Analysis (Italy), Regression Quantiles and Applications (Belgium), Structural Equation Models (France), Measurement Errors in Surveys (Sweden), Small Area Statistics In Theory and Practice (Germany), Functional and Complex Structure Data Analysis (Spain). 

This course is supported by the Deutsche Statistische Gesellschaft.