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< 5th International Conference on Establishment Surveys
09.02.2016 22:08 Age: 4 yrs

German Statistical Week 2016

University of Augsburg, September 13.-16., 2016

Invitation and Call for Papers

Main Topic:

  • Migration and Integration
  • Forecasting of Complex Data Sets
  • Data Science and Statistics

Gumbel-Lecture: Hajo Holzmann
Heinz-Grohmann Lecture: Walter Krämer
Young-Academics Mini-Symposium:
Andrea Krajina: „Extreme Value Theory and Applications“


  • Bayesian Data Analysis (Clemens Elster and Olha Bodnar)
  • Causal Inference in Nonexperimental Settings (Thomas Bauer)
  • Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (Roland Fried)
  • Change Points (Ansgar Steland)
  • Labour Market and Social Security (Holger Meinken)
  • National Accounting, Labour Measurement (Albert Braakmann)
  • Nonparametric and Robust Statistics (Christine Müller, Roland Fried and Rosario Oliveira)
  • Buisness and Market Statistics (Michael Grömling)
  • Education and Training (Ulrike Rockmann)
  • Empirical Economics and Applied Economics (Winfried Pohlmeier)
  • Methodology of Statistical Surveys (Peter Schmidt)
  • Regional Statistics (Lothar Eichhorn)
  • Statistical Theory and Methodology (Harry Haupt)
  • Statistics in Natural Science and Technology (Sven Knoth)
  • Statistics in Finance (Yarema Okhrin)


The German Statistical Week is corporately organized with the „Verband Deutscher Städtestatistiker“. The German Statistical Society for Demographics and the Portuguese Statistical Society is going to offer their own section.

Participants intending to give a talk or to present a poster are invited to submit an abstract electronically via the conference submission system. The submitted abstracts will undergo a reviewing process.

The German Statistical Society supplies a limited amount of grants covering travelling allowances for members younger than 35. Details can be found on the Society‘s homepage.