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Background of the Heinz Grohmann Lecture

The Grohmann lecture was named after Heinz Grohmann, a Professor of Statistics from 1970 to 1987 and an honorary member of the Association of German Municipal Statisticians since 2011.

Grohmann connected in his diverse work for statistics - both inside and outside of the German Statistical Society in scientific theory and its application in practice. With his work, he influenced and initiated the political debate in different areas. It was fundamental to him that in economics and society, policy-relevant scientific indication always presupposes the employment with the respective historical backgrounds and institutional frameworks, as well as the actors directing the objectives, values and norms.

The Grohmann lecture contains applied topics in the field of economic, demographic and social statistics, especially those of particular economic or social significance. The spectrum is broad and it covers the topics of family, education and labor market policies as well as those of housing, health and social policy, just to name a few.

Specific topics could also include international comparison of labor market (migration, skills shortage) or the influence of consumer prices in the Hartz IV-standard rate (limits of a statistical model). The range of topics also includes, the issue, which was triggered by the Stiglitz Report: The statistical measurement of prosperity, especially since so far that this cannot be expressed in monetary terms. This includes, for example: an established registration and evaluation of household production, the subjective assessment of their own life situation in relation to the measured income, not pecuniary effects of unemployment or illness, the availability of resources such as immovable property, etc.

From all this, or from other considerations, the question of a possibly necessary reorientation of the system of official statistics can be deviated. All this and also ultimately topics such as the reputation of the statistics in society, ethical standards and legal issues related to statistics are potential topics of the Grohmann lecture.


Bisherige Redner der Heinz-Grohmann-Vorlesung

JahrRednerTitel der Vorlesung
2017Notburga OttArmutsmessung und Armutsbekämpfung: OECD-Skala und „Statistik“ -Modell der Regelbedarfsberechnung auf die Probe gestellt
2016Prof. Dr. Walter KrämerDie demografische Zeitbombe: Ursachen und Folgen der Kinderlosigkeit
2015Prof. Dr. Joachim Wagner25 Jahre Nutzung vertraulicher Firmendaten der amtlichen Statistik für wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Forschung: Produkte, Projekte, Probleme, Perspektiven
2014Prof. Dr. Walter MüllerBildungschancen und soziale Mobilität in Deutschland
2013Opens external link in new windowProf. Dr. Hans-Juergen AndreßArmut und Reichtum: Deutschland in einer Welt zunehmender Einkommensungleichheit
2012Opens external link in new windowProf. Dr. Wolfgang LutzModeling and Forecasting Social Change with Demographic Methods
2011Opens external link in new windowProf. Dr. Axel Börsch-SupanWie gut können wir die Folgen des demographischen Wandels abschätzen? Was ist sicher, wozu brauchen wir mehr Daten?