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Acquisition, Rights and Duties, Young Members' Promotion

The society has at present about 800 members, among them 40 corporate members (November 2006).

Satzung der Deutschen Statistischen Gesellschaft:

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Individual members

Individual members are taken on application by the Board. The application should include the most important data on university education and professional activity as well as on scientific papers.

corporate members

As corporate members, enterprises, public authorities, institutes, scientific associations and other organisations, which are ready to support the scientific tasks of the Society, can join the German Statistical Society. The Board decides on their admission as well.

Individual members

Individual members have the right to participate on easy conditions in all meetings of the Society and to collaborate in sections of their choice. Corporate members can nominate a representative of their institution, who has the same rights in the Society as an individual member. All members are requested to take part in the activities (>) of the Society. These include amongst others, contributions to lectures and to discussions during the meetings of the Society and the submission of manuscripts for the two papers of the society, "Advances in Statistical Analysis" and "Wirtschafts- und Sozialstatistisches Archiv".

The annual fee for individual members currently amounts to 60 €, including the subscription to one of the journals Advances in Statistical Analysis or Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliches Archiv. From the age of 60 years onward, members can cancel their subscription to the choosen journal, the fee decreasing hereby to 42 €. Members until the age of 30 years pay a reduced fee of 18 €. With corporate members the annual fee is freely agreed upon.

Furthermore, the Society aims at promoting young scientists. A non-member, giving a lecture on an event of the German Statistical Society, has the possibility of a probationary membership without paying a fee, if, by that time, he has not yet completed the age of 35. Such a lecture activity is moreover combined with another incentive: in these cases the society can also grant travelling allowances.

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