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AStA - Economic and Social Statistical Archive


The „AStA – Wirtschafts- und Sozialstatistisches Archiv“ is a journal of the German Statistical Society. The journal understands itself as the central German-speaking journal for the publication of papers in economic and social statistics. These papers deal with substantial issues of economics and social sciences using a methodology that combines concepts of classical economic statistics with modern mathematically shaped statistical approaches. Considered for publication will be methodologically sound, problem-oriented papers. The focus is on topics that are of interest to a broader scientific community and also for the general public.

The crucial factors for the quality of an essay are originality, contribution to scientific insight as well as economic and social relevance. This does not necessarily require a high level of mathematical abstraction. On the other hand, a concrete practical question may quickly lead towards a rather high mathematical level. Great importance is attached to the readability of the published articles.

The “AStA – Wirtschafts- und Sozialstatistisches Archiv” aims at closing the gap between the purely methods-oriented statistical journals mostly publishing in English and the general German economic and business press. The journal publishes articles that

  1. treat statistical problems in economics and business administration, particularly in finance, as well as in the social sciences,
  2. provide scientific analyses of issues of economic and social statistics as well as demography,
  3. reflect political, institutional and organizational aspects or quality standards of official statistics,
  4. address the role of statistics in society,
  5. investigate the relations between producers, users and providers of information,
  6. treat ethical issues in statistics as well as problems of data protection,
  7. discuss professional topics of statisticians, particularly statistical education,
  8. survey the state of the art in special areas of statistics,
  9. raise open questions in research on statistical methods.

The general ambition of the Journal is to establish a scientific forum granting adequate attention to the grown public and political role of statistics.