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Development of the General Statistical archive: 1890 - 2006

Since the establishment in 1890, the General Statistical Archive is an equally theoretically and practically oriented journal. The issues and research topics of theoretical but also practical statistics have changed considerably since then. Statistical theory has predominantly grown methodically based on the theory of probability, and the substantive issues are addressed, except to the description of real facts today, to the explanation and prediction of trends and correlations.

The tradition of the General Statistical Archive has till this day remained, which is to be a forum for the development of statistics and to maintain a proper balance between topics of pure theory, application-oriented theory, their practical use and interpretation of results. Among application-related contributions, questions concerning the collecting and evaluating of statistical data in the economic and social fields, still claim a wide space. Another focus is on the methods of technical statistics.

To be suitable to the broad spectrum, the General Statistical Archive was divided in 2007 into two magazines, the Economic and Social Statistical Archive and the Advances in Statistical Analysis. Now they continue the tradition of the original journal together.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the journal in 1991, an anthology was published. In which all previously published posts are processed bibliographically. It also contains information about the history of the General Statistical Archive and the German Statistical Society. A selection of the data is available as an Opens internal link in current windowonline register. (more)