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Activities and Goals

For over 100 years, the German Statistical Society (founded in 1911) combines statisticians from all disciplines of science and practice, providing them with a forum for knowledge transfer and personal exchange. It is therefore one of the traditional major scientific associations in Germany.

The Society is composed of a wide range of personal and corporate members, whom of which half are active in research and teaching and the other half are in statistical practice with where the majority of the official statistics are active. In order to encourage the transfer of knowledge between the statisticians, the company allows personal interaction between statisticians at universities in the business department and administration department.

The goal of the German Statistical Society is to promote the scientific progress in the development of statistical methods and their implementation in practice. The company's activities are aimed to promote the statistics in its various task fields including;

  • method development

  • data collection

  • data processing

  • data analysis

  • mutual interaction

The German Statistical Society sees itself as a link between producers and users of data and statistical methods.

The Company organizes conferences and training events. It publishes two scientific journals and other publications. In addition to the scientific exchange, special attention is paid to the training in statistics and the design of the information infrastructure.

It responds to important, recent, and relevant questions concerning the specific field and acts in the Statistical Advisory Board of the Federal Statistical Office. Through contacts and special cooperative arrangements with foreign statistical societies and the International Statistical Institute (ISI), it promotes international cooperation.

The German Statistical Society is a founding member of the German Association Statistics (DAGStat), in which more statistical societies cooperate. As part of the DAGStat it was involved in the large common meetings, for the first time at the conference "Statistics under One Umbrella" in 2007 in Bielefeld.