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The society has formed specialized committees for selected fields of work. They are used for communication and practical cooperation for members who are interested in particular subject area.

The committees participate via the organization of sections in the meetings of the Society. Some committee meetings provide the opportunity to present and discuss topics of special interest fields in front of a circle of competent specialists. Each member of the society has the right to work in any committee of their choice. The membership of a committee is acquired by a written statement to the branch office.

If a committee meets within the scope of the Statistical Week or the Whitsun Conference, a general "call for papers" goes to the members. Papers announced must contain an informative summary, even better an elaborated version of the contents. As a rule, a selection procedure is carried out among the papers announced.

At present there are seven committees active:

The chairmen of the committees and their deputies

Committees Chairmen Deputies
Education and Training

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Rockmann
Senate Department for the Interior and Sports Berlin

Prof. Dr. Torsten Harms
Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW)
Statistical Theory and Methodology Prof. Dr. Harry Haupt
University Passau
Prof. Dr. Matei Demetrescu
Christian-Albrechts Kiel University
Business and Market Statistics Prof. Dr. Andreas Kladroba
SV nonprofit association of science statistics GmbH
Solveigh Jäger
BDI - The Voice of German Industry
Regional Statistics

Prof. Lothar Eichhorn State Office of Statistics Lower Saxony

Dr. Michael Fürnrohr
State Office for Statistics and Data Processing Bavarian
Empirical Economics and Applied Econometrics Prof. Dr. Ralf Brüggemann
University Konstanz
Prof. Dr. Robert Jung
University Hohenheim
Statistics in Natural Science and Technology Prof. Dr. Ansgar Steland
RWTH Aachen
PD. Dr. Guido Knapp
Technical University of Dortmund
Methodology of Statistical Surveys Peter Schmidt
State Office of Statistics
Prof. Dr. Hans Kiesl
Statistics in Finance

Prof. Dr. Yarema Okhrin

University of Augsburg

Prof. Dr. Roman Liesenfeld

University of Cologne