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Here you can find more information about regular events of the German Statistical Society:

Annual Meeting / Statistical week
junior Workshop
Wiesbaden Scientific Colloquium
DAGStat - Conference
Whitsun Meeting
Ad hoc-Workshops, Informations- und Fortbildungsveranstaltungen

German Consortium in Scientific (DAGStat: Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Statistik)

The German consortium in scientific was established in 2005 on the 17.06 from representatives of the boards of four statistical professional societies, including the German Statistical Society.

In the agreement, the planned activities of the working group are determined. The long term goal of the Association is to establish a "German umbrella organization statistics", in which the various statistical societies are members. By merging the statistics in Germany it should be strengthened and the independence of the societies should be persisted.

Workshops, Information and Training Events

The events which are offered by the German Statistical Society is supplemented and extended by events that are performed at irregular intervals or on topical issues. Examples of this are the workshops which are organized by the working groups and committees, such as the workshop "Robust methods for dependent data of the working group non-parametric and robust statistics" in February 2012. The offer of training courses and tutorials is mainly used for the training of statisticians in government agencies, associations and businesses but it is also open to individuals who deal with statistical issues in their work. The program includes one-to-two day courses discussing some of the topics listed below:


  • Practical applications of sampling
  • Qualitative and quantitative economic indicators
  • To specify and analysis of econometric models
  • Foreign Trade and Balance of Payments Statistics
  • Indicators of Economic Development - The responsible use of statistics

Selected training courses and tutorials are dealing with:

  • Time series analysis and seasonal adjustment
  • Introduction to econometric modeling
  • Introduction to the national accounts
  • Upload, manage and develop R packages
  • Statistics with Excel
  • Spatial Statistics with R

For these workshops and training events, the university teaches, the employees of the German Federal Bank, the Federal Statistical Office and the German Institute for Economic Research act as the event managers.